Multifunctional fusion proteins for cancer immunotherapy 2020-06-26T11:11:57+00:00

Multifunctional fusion proteins for cancer immunotherapy

Modulation of immune system by simultaneous blocking and activation of signaling pathways can lead to the synergistic effect in cancer immunotherapy. Recepton is developing a technology platform for generation of biological drugs targeting inhibitory and stimulatory pathways of the immune system. The drug development platform includes:

  • Rational design of multifunctional fusion proteins
  • Generation of genetic constructs
  • CHO cell line construction
  • Bioprocess development
  • Protein purification
  • Protein characterisation
  • Cell based assays
  • Studies in animal models

Figure 1. Immnune checkpoint receptors and their ligands.

Signaling pathways that modulate T-cell functions

Ligands Receptors Role
B7 receptor family
PD-L1 (B7-H1, CD274) PD-1 (CD279) Inhibition
CD80 (B7-1) Inhibition
PD-L2 (B7-DC, CD273) PD-1 (CD279) Inhibition
ICOSL (B7-H2, CD275) ICOS (CD278) Activation
CD28 Activation
CD276 (B7-H3) Unknown receptor Inhibition
VTCN1 (B7-H4) Unknown receptor Inhibition
VISTA (B7-H5) Unknown receptor Inhibition
HHLA2 (B7-H7) TMIGD2 (CD28H) Activation
CD80 (B7-1) CD28 Activation
CTLA-4 Inhibition
B7-H1 Inhibition
CD86 (B7-2) CD28 Activation
CTLA-4 Inhibition
lg superfamily
MHC-II LAG-3 (CD223) Inhibition
Gal-9 TIM-3 Inhibition
PVR (CD155) TIGIT Inhibition
HVEM (CD270) BTLA (CD272) Inhibition
CD160 Inhibition
LIGHT Activation
TNF receptor family
OX40L (CD252) OX40 (CD134) Activation
GITRL GITR (CD357) Activation
4-1BBL 4-1BB (CD137) Activation
CD70 CD27 Activation
CD40L (CD154) CD40 Activation
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