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R1-002 (PD-L1)

Programmed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-L1; CD274; B7-H1) is type I transmembrane glycoprotein composed of IgC- and IgV-type extracellular domains and it is a member of the B7 gene family.  (1) (2) PD-L1, together with PD-L2, is a ligand for programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) (3) additionally PD-L1 can bind to T-lymphocyte activation antigen CD80. (4) PD-L1 has very broad expression, it is constitutively expressed on murine and human antigen presenting cells, non-hematopoietic cells and non-lymphoid organs such as heart, lung, placenta and liver. (5) (4) It is often overexpressed on the surface of different tumor types including lymphoma, melanoma, lung and breast cancer, glioblastoma, ovarian, kidney tumors, and bladder cancers. (6) The expression is upregulated by type I and type II interferons (IFNs). (3) Formation of PD-1/PD-L1 complex leads to the inhibition of TCR-mediated lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine secretion. (2) PD-L1 plays a critical role in the induction and maintenance of peripheral transplant tolerance (5).

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Sequence (Q9NZQ7)

MRIFA – secretion signal sequence

RLRKG – intracellular domain

FTVTV – ectodomain

C — C – disulfide bond

THLVI – transmembrane domain

N – glycosylation site

Cat number Protein construct Tag Expression Host Order
R1-002-1 PD-L1 ECD (19 – 238) His-tag, Fc-tag CHO K1 Order
R1-002-1a PD-L1 ECD (19 – 238) His-tag CHO K1 Order
R1-002-2 PD-L1 ECD (19 – 238) Fc-tag CHO K1 Order
R1-002-2a PD-L1 ECD (19 – 238) Tag free CHO K1 Order
R1-002-3 PD-L1 ECD (19 – 134) His-tag E. coli Order
R1-002-3.1 (15N) PD-L1 ECD (19 – 134) His-tag E. coli Order
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