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Extensive catalog of life science
services in single place
Streamline your workflow by relying on a single supplier of research. Check our catalog of services below or contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Cell line development
Whether you need monoclonal antibodies, receptors or other proteins, our robust, suspension-adjusted CHO K1 cell line can deliver the results you are looking for. From construct design, through molecular cloning, stable cell line development, protein production and purification to formulation, we will take care of the whole process. Final products include ready-to-use protein in chosen format and/or cell banks.
Protein analytics
Everything you need to know about your protein specimen: purity, identity, productivity, charge variants, glycan profiles, potency and activity, determined by reliable methods, including chromatography and immunoenzymatic assays. Searching for inhibitors? Get your lead compounds with high throughput screening by DSF and HTRF.
Protein production & purification
Take advantage of transient protein expression in mammalian cells or E. coli bacterial expression systems when quick delivery is important or focus on batch-to-batch reliability and reproducibility provided by stable cell lines.
Let us help with optimizing your protein production and purification process.
Organic synthesis
Synthesis of organic compounds for your small-molecule research. High purity & yields together with strict quality control ensures exceptional quality compounds for most applications.
Rational drug design
Discover most promising molecules de novo with our hit-to-lead process. In silico screening protocol with 10% to 20% hit rate, backed by proprietary machine learning algorithms is at your disposal. Get experimental confirmation with high-throughput screening of the newly identified lead compounds.
In silico modeling
Get proteins and small compounds designed specifically for any scientific challange you may be facing. Our state-of-the art methods and algorithms accompanied by raw computing power may provide you with original cutting-edge solutions, unheard of previously.
Bundle with our protein production and/or organic synthesis services to jump-start your new project conveniently and with attractive pricing.
Let’s talk about your research needs
Do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions. Regardless whether you want to know more about services we can provide or you are ready to get a quote, our specialists will be happy to help.
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