Compounds synthesis 2020-07-17T09:39:43+00:00

Recepton’s Organic Chemistry Group provides research in drug development, offering simultaneously the custom syntheses of organic molecules for any biotechnological applications. Using the newest literature and the state-of-the-art organic synthesis techniques, we can plan and synthesize a broad spectrum of compounds for multiple receptor targets. Planning synthesis paths is based on data from the most up-to-date literature databases, such as: Reaxys & CAS Sci-Finder. Before proceeding with the synthesis of compounds, we conduct extensive search in available databases and literature sources. We then create the synthetic paths based on these databases and on our preliminary tests. Our biotechnology and cheminformatic groups can additionally support projects in modifying compounds to increase their biological properties.

We are specialists in synthesis of biologically active compounds. In particular, our attention focuses on developing the small-molecular inhibitors and activators of the immune checkpoints receptors. We also modify the available structures to improve the affinity of the compounds to the desired targets.

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